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Tips for Deciding on Your Stone Door Surround

A stone door surround, if designed and built well, can dramatically enhance the look of your property. They give off a high-end, classy feel. That’s why you’ll see more stone door surrounds in the wealthier parts of the country.

Some try to achieve the same look with a UPVC surround but in our opinion, that’s just not possible (bias disclaimer: at DoorSurround.com we specialise in stone surrounds).

Sure, UPVC surrounds have their place. They’re easy to install, cost effective and there are a ton of UPVC surround retailers.

However, stone door surrounds offer a different level of quality, look & feel and durability. Albeit, that does come at a cost – often 3-5x as much as a UPVC surround.

Lets assume that you have decided that you want to go for a stone door surround, how do figure out what styles you can choose from? This post will break it down for you.

There are two popular types of door surround, the Edwardian door surround with the flat roof and the Victorian door surround with the pitched roof:

Inline image 2Inline image 1

These ones were customized as per client requirements but it’s most likely that when looking at door surrounds, you came across these general styles most often.

Now you could opt for one of the above styles, or you could have them customized further. Add family emblems, add/remove layers or match it to the style of other properties on your road. Or, with some of the latest cast stone molding technology, you could do something completely different such what’s been done here:

Inline image 4Inline image 3

Whatever you choose, make sure you get a 3D design of the surround and then a 3D design of the door surround on your property.

A stone door surround is a significant investment and not something you can just ‘try on’ your property to see how it looks. That’s why, a 3D design is your next best option.

When tailoring your design, you should also consider the following practical elements:

 The amount of rain cover you want

 Allowing space for your doorbell

 How far the surround protrudes in relation to other parts of your property

 Aligning the height of the surround with other natural breaks in your property’s design

 Whether you would be obscuring any light from entering your property

 The cost – the bigger the stone door surround gets, the more expensive it will be

As a final tip, make sure you triple check design specs before the surround is built and before you know it, your property would have gained shedloads of character that will last a lifetime.

About the author: Sandip Sekhon is the founder of DoorSurround.com that specialises in door surround designs, manufacturer and security front doors. You check them out on Facebook, Houzz and their website.


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