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Top 3 regulations that affect kitchen fitting

Top 3 regulations that affect kitchen fitting

If you are planning to install a new kitchen in your home, it is important to understand the 3 top regulations that affect kitchen fitting. This way, you can safely undergo work by yourself, and hire a professional for any job that requires Building Control to be notified.

Regulations for kitchen fitting

The Building Regulations that affect kitchen fitting are designed to ensure that the kitchen is safe to use and fit for purpose.

1. Electrical work

Any electrical work that is carried out in your kitchen is subject to Building Regulations. If any electrical work is to be carried out, it must be done so by a Part P registered electrician, who is preferably part of the Competent Person Scheme.

In addition, all electrical work must follow safety standards set out in BS 7671 ‘the wiring regulations’. Although Building Regulations do not restrict who can carry out electrical work, in the interests of safety and creating a system that is fit for purpose, it is strongly recommended that you hire a professional electrician. If you do the work yourself and you are not a Competent Person, you are required to notify Building Control.

2. Gas Works

Gas can pose a serious risk. If your new kitchen includes a gas cooker, all gas work must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered installer. Gas Safe was originally known as C.O.R.G.I before it was rebranded in England, Scotland and Wales in 2009. Regulations are not in place to make the process of gas installation frustrating – they are there to protect you.

3. Cooker Hood Safety

Cooker hoods that utilise gas as their energy source can pose serious health risks. There are Building Regulation guidelines which stipulate how a cooker hood should be positioned. The maximum height for a hob is 650mm for electric and 750mm for gas. A safe distance between the cooker hood and hob should be created, to prevent the ventilation system from becoming overwhelmed. Cooker hoods must also comply with electrical work Building Regulations.

What’s not affected by Building Regulations?

There are certain projects that you can undertake in your kitchen that are not affected by regulations. These include: replacing like-for-like fixtures and fittings, carrying out minor repair work on appliances, installing new kitchen cabinets and decorating your kitchen (tiling, flooring, painting).

For more information on kitchen fitting and regulations, please visit the Planning Portal.

The information contained within this article is strictly for guidance only.  Cost2Build recommends that you always check current sources of information in case regulations have changed. Cost2Build cannot accept any liability for miscommunication of the law in the case of a change in regulation or any action done to a property based on the information held in this article.


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    I have a 5 ring gas cooker 900mm wide, how close can I put a new kitchen cupboards and worktop up to this appliance.

    • Joblob


      You can put it 5mm above the gas and 12mm above the floor. Hope this helps?


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