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Tree Maintenance

When it comes to planting, maintaining or removing trees and hedgerows, it is important that prior to carrying out any work you establish what rules are in place. Many trees are protected by tree reservation orders and they therefore cannot be removed without consent.


Across the UK, there are hundreds of species of tree that are protected by tree reservation orders. This is to protect not only the trees’ existence, but also the unique wildlife that inhabits them.

Tree planting planning permission

Planting new trees is unlikely to require planning permission, providing you are not planting trees to create a form of enclosure. If you are planting a few new trees for decorative purposes in your back garden, you are free to do so.

Due to the nature of certain tree species’ growth, planning permission may be required if you are planting trees to create an enclosure. Your Local Planning Authority will determine whether or not the planting of these trees will obstruct road users and pedestrians in the future – but only if your home is located in close proximity to a highway with a footpath.

Tree maintenance, pruning and removal

There are many species of tree that are protected by tree reservation orders. If you have a tree located on your grounds that is protected, then you will need to acquire consent to prune, maintain or fell it.

If you live in a conservation area, consent is likely to be more difficult to achieve in the case of felling. This is because trees are an essential ingredient for a healthy environment, and conservation areas are designated as such to maintain species’ survival.


There are no restrictions in place to stop you from erecting a hedge in your garden. However, you may need planning permission if your hedge is likely to obstruct a driver’s sight, or if it prevents further planting.

Therefore, planning permission to plant a hedge alongside a home that is close to a highway may be rejected based on the danger a hedge may represent to road users either immediately or in the future.

If you are unsure of whether you will need planning permission for your hedge, we recommend you consult with your Local Planning Authority. For more information on tree and hedgerow planning permission, please visit The Planning Portal.

The information contained within this article is strictly for guidance only.  Cost2Build recommends that you always check current sources of information in case regulations have changed. Cost2Build cannot accept any liability for miscommunication of the law in the case of a change in regulation or any action done to a property based on the information held in this article.

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